Wimbledon Brewery

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Wimbledon Brewery Quartermaine

Quartermaine IPA

6.2% Quartermaine IPA, a traditional English IPA. The initial palate expresses the spiced orange notes and on to compliment the full luxurious textures.

Balanced with spritzy carbonation, the beer finishes with crisp hop bitterness leaving a satisfying mouthfeel and the desire for another! William Quartermaine was one of the original owners of the Wimbledon Brewery

Tower SPA

5% Tower SPA, a traditional SPA.. As a nod to the original Wimbledon tower brewery, this SPA is golden amber in colour.

Fruit, floral spice and orange on the aroma lead on to a full, rounded middle palate. It is completed with a satisfying bittersweet finish.


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